The 18th Annual Conference of Pragmatics Society of Japan

Pragmatic Society of Japan will hold its 18th Anniversary Conference on December 5 and 6, 2015, at Nagoya University, Aichi.

  • Data: Dec. 5th and 6th, 2015
  • Venue: Nagoya University (LinkIconAccess)

Call for papers (The Pragmatics Society of Japan)

[Call for Presentation]

  • 1. About presentation
    • Presentation Type: Lecture presentation: Lecture 25 min. + QA 10 min.
    • Poster presentation: 1 h 40 m.
    • Workshop: 1 h 40 m. (Organization only).
  • 2. Language: Japanese or English
  • 3. Submission of Abstract:
    • The conference office only accepts submissions from members of the Society. The first author should be a member in the case of a group presentation. For membership, please contact the business office, secretary -at-
    • Abstracts for paper presentation are invited on any aspects of pragmatic analysis from a variety of fields, including historical pragmatics, cognitive pragmatics, interface of pragmatics and other disciplines, interlanguage pragmatics, social pragmatics, comparative or contrastive pragmatics studies.
    • All abstracts (which must be in English) must be submitted electronically at online submission page, as the files in MS Word format (*.doc, or *docx) and if possible in PDF format (*.pdf).
    • The length of an abstract should be approximately 500 words, not including references, figures, tables, and/or graphs.
      • Lecture presentation
      • Poster presentation
      • Workshop
    • The supplement file which includes the author(s) information must be submitted, too. The author(s) information file should contain the following: 1. Name, 2. Affiliation, 3. email address.
    • You will be able to upload this file after you finish the submission. On the Author Console, please click "Upload File" at the Supplementary Material.
  • 4. The deadline for submitting abstracts: 14th August, 2015
  • 5. Online submission : Please access the sign-in site.
  • 6.Contact person: E-mail: presentation -at- (Masashi Okamoto)